Auckland Museum

Visit One

On Tuesday Johnny and his team brought down a King Baboon Tarantula, weta, some moths and butterflies. We discussed the differences and similarities between the different creatures. Lots of fascinating information and new vocabulary for the kids to hopefully absorb.I was really pleased with the contributions the kids gave to the discussion as I had sent home some holiday homework about insects and trees  at the end of term one.


Next Tuesday Johnny and his team will bring down some entomology equipment and more weird and wonderful creatures so the kids, Matua Hone and I can be  entomologists for an afternoon.


Visit Two

I love the Auckland Museum and I'm really glad to be working with their awesome staff.



It's really cool how the museum people can come out to us and bring along displays and equipment.



I'm really looking forward to our visit in a couple of weeks time.


It is a wonderful taonga in our local area.

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